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Onliest: Tiffany & Ganessa James

Twins Tiffany and Ganessa James have been singing since the very beginning. A longtime fascination with vocal harmony led them to a cappella groups in high school and college. They eventually began to take up instruments and to blend in the hip-hop ethos of freestyle: creating impromptu vocal harmonies in performance, weaving their voices together in exuberant improvised explorations. Their band Onliest is the product of a passionate love for music with multi-genre influences including rock, soul, salsa, soca, and R&B - reflecting the twins Central American and Caribbean heritage and New York City upbringing. Singing in English, or Spanish, wielding their guitars, or conjuring freestyle harmonies, Onliest is a spark of joyful musical energy.  No two shows are ever quite the same - it's important to the twins that each show be as true to the moment as possible.  Their performance fascinates as it inevitably includes a glimpse into the delights and complexities of a relationship that spans a lifetime.  Tiffany and Ganessa James bring a disarming joy to the stage as Onliest.

"At the core of Onliest is a collision of sound and harmony that can ONLY be explained as joy. "

                                                             - Katie Darby Mullins, Underwater Sunshine

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